Since 1984 we have championed innovation and social responsibility within the businesses we support. Sustainability is one of the crucial values that underpins investing for a smarter future. In January 2020 we embarked on a partnership with the Goodwood Estate as their Sustainability Partner. This journey with a much loved and established British institution allows us to amplify our message.

Our Story 

We are motivated by our purpose, to provide a sustainable legacy for future generations. Whether through our investments into dynamic and innovative small businesses across the UK, or into the new energy infrastructure involved in the transition from the old centralised fossil fuel-based dumb system, to the new enlightened local renewables based smart grid, we are committed to contributing to the conversation around stewardship and sustainability. That commitment takes a large step forward with this partnership.

Sustainability Partner to the Estate

Our five year partnership began in January 2020, and we are already working to accelerate the delivery of the Estate’s sustainability goals.

Investing for a smarter future aligns closely with Goodwood’s approach to sustainability. Although best known for the Festival of Speed in July, the Qatar Glorious Goodwood Festival in August and the Revival in September, taking a closer look behind the scenes reveals some interesting facts behind the Estate’s commitment to sustainability.

Organic Farming

Goodwood Home Farm is Europe’s largest low-lying organic farm, this project is completely self-sustaining and champions traditional farming methods.

Driving Change

In recent years, the Festival of Speed itself has become a showcase for electric and hybrid technology – indeed, in 2019 the Festival’s 20 year hill climb record was broken by Romain Dumas driving a fully electric VW.

Fostering Innovation

The Festival of Speed provides a platform for Future Lab, where young disruptive technology businesses can launch their niche innovations.


The Estate is undertaking a major woodland planting scheme – including last year pledging to plant more than 78,000 trees. Conservation efforts are integral in preserving the value and ecological diversity of Britain's countryside.

In particular, our work with the Estate will focus on clean energy generation, waste-management and energy efficient solutions and we hope to play a constructive part in their transition towards a carbon positive business. The Estate is already actively exploring green initiatives such as transitioning its power supply to 100% renewable energy, the electrification of the Estate’s entire vehicle fleet and developing its visitor carbon offset programme. Our collective expertise in these areas can contribute to their efforts to preserve what is one of Britain's most prestigious, family run-estates.

Watch a short video to learn more about how we will work with the Goodwood Estate to promote sustainability 

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I'm here today, and it's great to be here at the lovely Goodwood on a winter's day in February to talk about what they've been doing in terms of sustainability over the last 2 years and hearing really fantastic things about the initiatives that have been underway here....And talking about how we can work together and the value that Foresight can bring to Goodwood as well.


Goodwood is a 300 year old working estate has been home to the duke of Richmond and his family for the past 300 years. As guardians of the Estate, it's our collective responsibility to protect Goodwood and its natural environment for future generations.

In seeking to become a fully sustainable estate, and to build on our sustainability plan we're thrilled to have found Foresight as our partner. It was important for us to find a partner with specialist knowledge and expertise in sustainability, and who we felt could understand the complexities of what we do here at Goodwood and help us shape our plans, and investments in the future.


You can't make good long term investments without considering sustainability...and really considering the long term trends that are shaping society.

It's fundamental for spotting new areas to create value and also managing risk. I think in the last 2 years in particular we've seen these issues rise up the agenda of importance with institutional investors and therefore that creates a huge opportunity for us at Foresight to capitalise on this moment, and our partnership with Goodwood in particular in creating events for investors to come to, I think is fundamental in that regard.


Like Goodwood, Foresight have a passionate team who, we and the family are excited to be working with. As we start this journey together we feel the perfect partner, in helping us find the right solutions with carbon reduction, renewable energy, water preservation, and the long term protection of our natural capital here at Goodwood.

Commitment to a Sustainable Future 

At Foresight we share a vision of a smarter, sustainable future. This partnership is already offering staff members the opportunity to help contribute to the Estate’s rewilding efforts through its extensive tree-planting scheme, extending their passion for sustainability beyond the marketplace. Foresight Staff will be able to use their volunteering Charity days to join the Goodwood grounds team on private tree-planting days.

From 27 September to 1 October 2021, Goodwood will host the inaugural Foresight Sustainability Week, a unique digital breakfast series where selected business leaders share their thoughts on the challenges and opportunities that arise as the private sector mobilises behind the global sustainability agenda.

This partnership will help us champion innovation in responsible investing and drive the conversation around strategies for sustainable change. 

"As guardians of the Goodwood Estate, we have a duty to preserve its natural capital for future generations. Ours is a holistic approach to sustainability, focused on protecting the social and ecological value of the Estate, and reducing our carbon footprint, ensuring a balance with carbon sequestration to create a net positive climate impact."
Tracey Greaves , CCO, Goodwood Estate