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FP Foresight UK Infrastructure Income Fund and the FP Foresight Global Real Infrastructure Fund

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Economies around the world are developing at the fastest pace in history and changes to demographics are driving the need for more infrastructure than ever before. As such, the global and UK energy markets are undergoing a once-in-a-lifetime upheaval. The transition to a global green economy is increasingly urgent and the renewable energy industry is seeing an unprecedented level of demand and awareness. Companies that own and operate infrastructure assets across the world are well-placed to benefit from this shift.

FP Foresight UK Infrastructure Income Fund (FIIF) 

FIIF is an open-ended investment company which focuses on the UK infrastructure sector. The Fund targets an annual income of 5% which is paid through quarterly dividends. Click here to learn more. 

FP Foresight Global Real Infrastructure Fund (GRIF) 

GRIF is an open-ended investment company which invests in the publicly traded shares of companies that own or operate real infrastructure or renewable energy assets anywhere in the world. GRIF targets an annual return in excess of CPI+3% over any five year period. Click here to learn more.

What is an open-ended investment company?

An open-ended investment company (OEIC) is a professionally managed listed company which purchases shares in other financial assets or companies. When you purchase shares in an OEIC, the OEIC fund manager pools your money with that of other investors. This allows individual investors access to a greater variety of financial assets.

The value of an OEIC is directly linked to the performance of its underlying investments. As the value of the underlying investments increase, so do the value of the shares purchased.

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