FP Foresight Global Real Infrastructure Fund

FP Foresight Global Real Infrastructure Fund (GRIF) is an open-ended investment company which is actively managed by the award-winning Foresight Capital Management team. GRIF invests in the publicly traded shares of companies that own or operate real infrastructure or renewable energy assets anywhere in the world. The Fund targets an annual return in excess of CPI+3% over any five year period.

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There are five key reasons why investors might wish to consider GRIF for their portfolio:

Global Infrastructure Specialists

We have been investing in renewable energy infrastructure since 2008 and our renewable energy infrastructure assets produce 2.7GW of clean energy generating capacity.


GRIF invests exclusively in companies that own or operate real infrastructure anywhere in the world, whilst avoiding traditional cyclical equities that make up the portfolio of many ‘equity infrastructure’ funds.

Low Correlation
to Equities

Real infrastructure asset owning companies typically have low correlation to equity markets due to highly visible and forecastable cashflows driving a steady return throughout the market cycles.

Lower Volatility than Equities and Alternatives

The underlying assets that the investee companies own are long-term, often government contracted, inflation-linked real assets that are typically less volatile than investments in standard equities.


We will only invest in companies that the investment team believes deliver a net social or environmental benefit and meet the ten principles of the United Nations Global Compact.

Fund Name:

FP Foresight Global Real Infrastructure Fund

Investment Manager:

Foresight Group LLP

Regulatory Status:

FCA Authorised

IA Sector:


Launch Date:

3 June 2019

Share Classes:

Class A: Accumulation & Income Units


Acc: GB00BK0T9T82 / Inc: GB00BK0TB032

Bloomberg Ticker:


Minimum Investment:

Lump Sum: £1,000 + subsequent increments of £500

Regular Savings: £100 per month

Ongoing Charges (OCF):


Transaction Costs

Refer to your platform or the latest Fund EMT for the latest transaction costs

Target Total Return:

More than CPI+3% per annum over any 5 year period


GBP (unhedged)

Authorised Corporate Director:

FundRock Partners Limited

Suitable For:

Institutional Investors, Direct Investors, SIPPs, ISAs, Charities, Offshore Bonds

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Capital is at risk. The value of an investment, and any income from it, can fall as well as rise and investors may not get back the full amount they invest. An investment in FP Foresight Global Real Infrastructure Fund should be considered a long term investment that may be higher risk. Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance. Foresight Group LLP does not provide advice and the information on this website should not be construed as such. We recommend investors seek advice from a regulated financial adviser. Investors should only invest in the FP Foresight Global Real Infrastructure Fund on the basis of information contained in the FP OEIC Prospectus dated June 2019 and Key Information Document.

Foresight Group LLP is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FRN: 198020).