We know that where we are today as a business is because of the trust that our investors have put in us and, to our retail investors, we are grateful for their continued support. Our ultimate objective is to ensure that our investors receive exemplary customer service and will always come away from correspondence with one of our team feeling comfortable about their investment and confident that they are our top priority.  

If you have any comments on the customer experience that you have received from our investor relations team please do get in touch. We’d love to hear from you.


Useful forms to make changes to your investment

Whether you need to complete a dividend reinvestment scheme form or download a change of address form, you will find the necessary forms below. 

Form  Fund Download
Dividend reinvestment scheme F4 VCT Click to download
Bank mandate  VCTs Click to download
Change of address  All Click to download
Change of agency All Click to download


Investor events and important report and exit dates for your calendar

Investor Events

Please contact the team if you would like to attend one of our investor events. 

Event  Date
Williams EIS Investor Day 24 January
Accelerated ITS / ITS Averon Park Investor Day 26 March
Foresight VCT plc AGM 23 May
Foresight 4 VCT plc AGM 10 October
Foresight Solar & Infrastructure VCT plc AGM 5 December


Reporting Calendar 

Use the below box to note the dates for reports you will receive. Please note that all of our reports will be issued within 90 days. 

Report Date
AD EIS 30 September & 31 March
Continuation Vehicle 31 December & 30 June 
EI EIS  31 December & 30 June 
Williams EIS  31 December & 30 June 
Foresight VCT plc  30 June
Foresight 4 VCT plc  30 September 
Foresight Solar & Infrastructure VCT plc  31 December


Anticipated Exit Dates

Fund  Date
AD EIS Q4 2019
EI EIS Q3/Q4 2020

Do you have a question or would like to attend one of our investor events?

Investor Relations