We want to see all regions thrive

We partner with some of the most promising smaller companies to achieve their vision and create long-term sustainable growth.

With the right support, we know that smaller companies can have an enormous impact. Not only benefiting themselves but the areas in which they operate.

We partner with smaller companies to achieve their vision – providing guidance and support when needed – enabling them to create the high-quality, sustainable jobs that will power tomorrow's economy.

Our entrepreneurial team combines their cross-sector expertise, international reach and deep local connections. We’re uniquely positioned to enable smaller companies to maximise their potential, expand into new products and markets, adopt good governance and understand their impact.

For close to four decades, we’ve supported nearly 300 smaller companies through various economic cycles. Each year, we review nearly 2,000 business plans and our current portfolio, of more than 130 smaller companies, covers all sectors and stages.

We understand that not all businesses are unicorns and nor do they need to be. We adopt a realistic approach and listen to management teams – providing flexible funding and the opportunity for follow-on investment.

By partnering with Foresight, you’ll get insight and expertise you can use, guidance when you need it and access to a large network of established and like-minded business leaders. We’ll work together to achieve sustainable growth, not growth at all costs.

A flexible funding approach; supporting smaller companies with up to £10m

Long-term, meaningful partnerships

Local networks and global connections

Sustainable growth, not growth at all costs

We’re aware all companies can make a big difference and know that promising smaller companies can mean big things for the health and happiness of society.

Learn about our responsible commitment and our diversity and inclusion initiatives.

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There are some fantastic female-led businesses in our portfolio. Watch our short video celebrating their achievements.

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We invest in promising smaller companies covering all sectors and deal stages. Whether it’s an early-stage seed investment or a mature investment, we have the flexibility to provide the much-needed support to help smaller companies and their local areas thrive.

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