Vision and Values

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At Foresight, we are well aware of the need to live up to our name.

That means spotting opportunities ahead of the crowd; it means being flexible; it means being innovative; it means being fast and clear in our decision making; it means applying the expertise of our people to solve problems, to overcome obstacles, to push deals across the line. Above all, it means being completely focused and responsive to the needs of our investors while creating an environment that attracts and rewards the very best talent in our sector.

That’s a lot to live up to. So we summarise it up in just two words - Creative Capital.

These two words sit behind everything we do – whether it’s doubling the gross assets of the UK’s largest solar focused infrastructure company or deploying tax-efficient funds raised from private investors in smaller scale solar plants across the UK; whether it’s bringing together institutions to invest in ground-breaking renewable energy projects alongside the UK’s Green Investment Bank or continuing to support the improvement of London’s waste-to-energy infrastructure; whether it's offering innovative energy efficiency financing solutions to industrial corporates or financing the UK roll-out of smart meters; whether it's supporting entrepreneurial managers of small businesses or offering private investors tax-efficient investments to help plan for the future; whether it’s working with farmers in Northern Ireland to develop local on-farm anaerobic digestion plants or working with community scale energy providers in the US to develop neighbourhood solar plants in California and Colorado. 

It’s in deploying our financial, intellectual and emotional capital creatively that helps us make a better future for our investors, for our investee companies, for our partners, for our colleagues and ultimately for the world in which we live.   

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