Foresight's infrastructure team was one of the first institutional investors in the solar sector where we have been investing since 2008.

Since then our portfolio has grown rapidly, as has our team and we currently manage £1.1 billion of solar assets across the group, with a team of investment professionals numbering 29. Alongside our solar assets, we also invest in PPP/PFI projects, and have acquired eight secondary PFI assets in the UK comprising 13 schools and four healthcare projects.

Foresight is principally an equity investor, although we can arrange other components of the capital structure such as debt and, in the US, tax equity.

The multinational team, with its deep knowledge of energy markets and regulatory environments, operates from offices in the UK, USA, Italy and Australia, investing in a variety of infrastructure projects. The team has developed a sector specific network of Advisers, lending banks and key strategic partners. These relationships generate an international pipeline of construction stage opportunities and operational projects.

Foresight's solar infrastructure funds, including accounts managed on behalf of institutions and family offices, invest in: operating solar ground-mounted plants and ground-mounted plants under construction. Project sizes range from £5 million to £50 million which are typically financed with equity from Foresight and project finance facilities from banks, reflecting the low risk nature of the operating plants and local government subsidies. Such infrastructure investments offer the potential for long term, stable sustainable income and the potential for capital appreciation on ultimate realisation.

If you have an investment opportunity in the sector please contact one of the team.