Foresight Metering Solution

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Proven Capability


Foresight has a four year relationship with Utility Funding (UFL) as a funder of part of its portfolio of meters. UFL has established a proven solution for energy supply customers - investing heavily in automated systems and processes that are robust, secure and scalable enough to manage the substantial volumes of meters involved in the mass roll out of smart meters.

Whether providing new meters for installation, submitting clear and accurate invoices or managing technical defects through the warranty process we are confident that the capabilities UFL have built, and the teams that deliver them put Foresight Metering in the best position to support Energy Retailers and their customers.

UFL already works with 50 + energy suppliers and has 140,000 advanced and SMETS 1 meters under management.


Over the last 12 months Energy Retailers have shared with us what they need, like and want from their MAP suppliers. It has become clear that they want Proven Capability, Fair Value for their customers and shareholders; combined with Trust and Transparency.

Our Response

In response Foresight Metering has invested in building upon a proven solution to give a catalogue exactly tailored to these needs, all whilst providing high quality MAP services through Utility Funding our proven outsourced administration provider.

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We tailor a MAP package based on your current capabilities, cost of operation and your appetite to share risk.

The flexibility of our offer means we can consider the wide spectrum of meter portfolios and help best understand how to maximise the value to you. This includes the discounting that can be applied when we operate as your MAP across multiple meter portfolios.

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