Electric Car

The green energy we have created would power an electric car for miles.*

That is equivalent to times along Route 66.

*Assuming the average electric car uses 0.34 kWh of energy per mile.

Speedometer {0}

UK Homes

Our investments have created enough energy to power 96,438 standard British homes for a whole year.*

* Average UK Household electricity use per annum 3,300kWh (ofgem)

A home A home A home A home A home A home

Barrels of Oil

The total clean energy produced is equivalent to barrels of fuel oil.

barrels of oil

Greater London

The whole of the Greater London district could have been powered for hours minutes by the energy our investments have generated*.

*Based on the premise that London uses 39337 GWh of energy per year.

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Large Hadron Collider

Or to put it another way, we could have run the Large Hadron Collider for days.

*Assuming that a Hadron takes 1.3 terawatts hour of energy to power for a year.



And, get this... we could have brewed {0} cups of coffee*

Cups of coffee made

*Assuming it takes 900 watts hour of energy to brew a pot of coffee.

{0} billion

Coal Power Stations

Total emissions prevented
{0} tonnes of CO2

Which means that {0} tonnes of coal has not been burned*.

*Assuming 1kg of coal emits 2.93kg of CO2

{0} tonnes of CO2

International Flight

Total emissions prevented
{0} tonnes of CO2

Which is equivalent to kilometres flown on a long-haul international flight including 109% uplift factor to take account of non-direct routes and delays/circling.

{0} kilometres not flown


Total emissions prevented
{0} kgs of CO2.

The amount of energy we have produced is equivalent to cars taken off the road for a day.

• 1 gallon of gas equals 33.7 kWh
• Average car equals 50 mpg
• 21 miles is travelled per day per car
• Average car emits 0.124kg/km

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