Waste Sub Sector Focus

Sub Sector Focus

Our specialist waste team invests in businesses operating in various recycling and reprocessing waste streams in the UK and Europe, including:

Plastics recycling

Foresight has direct experience of investing in the plastic recycling sector covering PET and HDPE bottles and plastic film.

Over 700,000 tonnes of plastic film enter the waste stream each year, much of which is sent to landfill, despite much of it being potentially of high value and readily recyclable.

Significant progress has been made in extracting plastic bottles from municipal waste, with most UK councils now providing kerbside collection of plastic bottles, alongside other dry recyclables such as paper.

There is substantial opportunity to increase collection and recycling of plastic film and other mixed plastics and Foresight is at the forefront of these efforts where commercially attractive.

Niche recycling and reprocessing

There are numerous opportunities to extract more value from wastes through recycling, reprocessing or other conversion processes.

Foresight is interested in proposals which apply proven technologies to build plants to process these materials.

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