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Foresight Accelerated ITS: Joint Life Second Death Cover

Foresight Accelerated Inheritance Tax Solution (AITS) is relaunching today with an exciting new update.

Our innovative IHT solution offers investors immediate, effective IHT mitigation by combining a Business Relief (BR) qualifying investment with a two-year term insurance policy which is underwritten on a group life basis by an investment grade insurer.

In addition to the existing Single Life Cover for individual investors, Foresight AITS now offers Joint Life Second Death (JLSD) Cover for joint investors. As JLSD Cover only pays out on the second eligible death during the initial two-year period, the annual management charge for the first two years is reduced significantly when compared to Single Life Cover.

To illustrate how the Foresight AITS JLSD Cover can help mitigate inheritance tax, please click on the above image to view our video.

Click here to access the literature and learn more about our IHT product.

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