Foresight Group becomes a Climate Bonds Partner

Louise Patzdorf, 

18th June 2018 

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Foresight, a leader in renewable energy infrastructure and private equity investment, takes another step in building a smarter, greener future

What’s it all about?

Foresight Group (Foresight) is the latest financial institution to join the Climate Bonds Initiative Partners Program. Partners assist in developing climate finance solutions in local markets and help define policy agendas for national, regional and sector-based programs.

Based in the UK and with operations in Europe, North America, South East Asia and Australia, Foresight is a leading independent infrastructure and private equity investment manager.  

The Group has been investing in the renewable energy and recycling sectors for more than a decade, and since 2011 has been at the forefront of solar investment in the UK. Foresight today manages approximately £2.4 billion in infrastructure assets, of which £1.6 billion is solar infrastructure.

This partnership will give Climate Bonds and Foresight the opportunity to work on a joint basis with a focus on the increasing role of infrastructure investment in mitigating climate impacts and building resilience.

Who’s saying what?

Federico Giannandrea, Head of Southern Europe, Foresight

“Sustainable development is a reality for all kinds of businesses and at Foresight our vision is focused on investing for a smarter future. We recognised the significance of climate factors many years ago and as a result have pursued investment opportunities in renewable energy management projects around the world."

"We're looking forward to working with CBI in this partnership, it’s a further sign of our commitment to a sustainable future and support for increasing climate based investment."

Serena Vento, Head of Partnerships, Climate Bonds Initiative

“Climate Bonds are very pleased to have Foresight Group joining our Partner Program. As an owner and manager of significant clean energy assets in the UK and Europe, their market knowledge and infrastructure investment experience will be a positive as we work together on building opportunities in green markets and green energy. 

The Last Word

We all know there’s an enormous transformation required globally in energy production and distribution. Partnering with Foresight provides an avenue for us to work together building the markets to support that transformation. It’s another step along the way.


‘Till next time,

Climate Bonds